Thursday, 9 July 2015

July 6, 2015-Monday

Awesome p-day. Probably the most enjoyable one yet. Laid back and
relaxed. I discovered a new thrift shop better than value village and
twice but nice. It's called Eco thrift. We are making it essential to
our grocery shopping list each Monday. Which by the way, mother you
would be impressed because our grocery list literally just veggies and
bananas and almond milk with some cream of wheat. Healthiest
missionaries around ! Considering the fact that some sports was soccer
I actually loved it . I also learned that Kyle got engaged.... WHAT .
Also we taught a less active, whose goal is the temple. We flipped
open to doctrine and covenants section 64:33-34 and asked her what she
needed to do to get to the temple. Super cool, everyone should read
this scripture if they want to know what God wants and needs of you .
Was so cool to see her teach herself.
Pretty average day. Except we had a lesson with an investigator who
has a baptismal date for this weekend ... And I'll let you know what
happens later. We did service at a food bank re stacking a pile of
frozen ground beef.... Yum ! It's weird because I met a sister in the
Elk Grove park ( English ward ) ward a few weeks ago at a temple tour
and I remember joking with her that I might serve in her ward. Then we
had dinner with her tonight. That was weird. We also had an excellent
discussion with a less active Mienh woman. Such an awesome discussion . 
We talked about divine potential and what God really intends for her in this life. So many
people can miss that ! What are true purpose is! We aren't just here
to be tested , because if that's all we were here for we wouldn't need
a body. Nor life experience like we are gaining. I studied a bit about
that this week. But our real purpose is to become the exalted people
we will inherently become. Eternal progression. It's everything ! It's
why we repent !
Wednesday :
HAPPY CANADA DAY. lamest Canada day ever. I wore my Canadian tie and
everything but nothing happened ! Not anyone even noticed. The most
exciting part of Canada day was elder B. gave me a call after
planning. He is the only other Canadian missionary in the whole
mission ! So he got permission to call me out of the zone and
celebrate. So that was good to talk to him. He'll be home soon....
That's weird !
Busy day with a head lining miracle ! So there is this Mienh person and Elder parsons has been working with him since January
and even was supposed to be baptized but canceled an hour before back
in feburary. And since then they've been going back trying to set a
date but refused to commit to one but would come to church every
Sunday. We went over there and asked him what he was studying. He said
the book of revelations and all the bad things that are going to
happen in these days. So we showed him in doctrine and covenants
section 1 when Heavenly Father talks about restoring his church and
giving us a prophet because of the "calamities" that he knew would
come about in our days, then said he was ready to be baptized next
week !!  So will keep you updated on that !
 ZONE TRAINING . Probably one of the best trainings. We started off
with looking at three doors that had a word on each being love
obedience and change. We had to pick one room. So we did then all of a
sudden the curtains in the room all opened and we were then all in the
same room. The idea is that we all came on missions for one of those
reasons. And it didn't matter what one you chose because it got us
where we need to be. Now we all have to figure out why we want to stay
out. We talked a lot about what motivates us as missionaries . And
related it to a boat and the new youth Theme video of embarking . So
they got a picture of a boat and our names on this picture so I'll
send it so you can see it. But it was cool to get us all psyched and
re evaluate and remember why we are on missions.
Saturday :
Happy July 4! Super busy/ stress/ fun day. It was S's baptism and
wow planning that was busy. But it got done! Such a powerful baptism,
her brother got to baptize her. There was more than 50 people there.
Biggest baptism I've ever attended. After which we had dinner with
Mienh members. Mienh food is amazing ! But also the spiciest thing I
ever eaten. We decide to eat a Thai chili pepper. I'll send you a
picture of how bad that hurt. Because it was Fourth of July and they
didn't want us out after 6 we were able to have a zone activity ! So
we had a chalk fight. Yep. We put ground up chalk into nylon socks and
beat up each other ... How amazing is that .?! I'll send a picture of
that  also !!
The sabbath is always the craziest ... Because we are covering two
wards we are in meetings until 5 pm today. ! Having two sacrament
meetings is actually cool. Double the spirit. But because hadn't
weekly planned we basically did that the rest of the night. By the way
it was fast Sunday and I love fasting !
So I attached the study notes I took during the week . They are kind
of random but maybe you'll like them !!
John 17:3
Eternal life comes from knowing the one true God and Jesus Christ who
the father hath sent.
Eternal life is given by the lord to anyone. But only given by the
lord ( d+c 67:2 and John 17:2)
What does it mean to know God ? (1john4:7-9) knowing God is an action.
With out expressing love to others , or rather without charity we
cannot know God because God is charity and love. If our whole purpose
on earth is to know the God head we must know that of their purpose.
And we must help them fulfill their purpose. We receive a testimony
from Jesus Christ . He gives it to us only when we are willing to hold
strong to it and testify of what ever testimony he has given (d+c
67:4) .
D+c 67:10- it is a blessing to be in the lords work . As long as we
strip ourselves of jealousies fears, and bring ourselves to humility
we will know that Christ lives not with the natural mind but with the
God will let us take the wrong path for just a certain amount so we
may for a certainty know that the other path which we could have taken
is the right one. -Jeffrey r. Holland .
Matt 16:24- if we are to follow Christ we must deny ourselves of all
ungodliness and defeat the natural man (mosiah 3:19) in other words
"take up our cross."
V.26 - what does a man gain with worldly possessions if he loses his
soul in it. Nothing . There is no possible way to progress if we do
not lose ourselves in the service of our God and in the service of
V.27 Christ will come and everyone will be judged based upon our
WORKS. We will be rewarded for what we have done that is of good !
This world is so much more than being a test to see if we are good or
bad souls. We've already proved that in the pre existence ! We have
already chosen Christ. If this life was as small as a test to show
that we are good or bad we wouldn't need this life, nor would we need
a body. We have come here to be "proven here with to see if they will
do all things whatsoever the lord their God shall command them."
(Abraham 3:25). There has to be more , and that is to reach our
eternal potential as divine sons and daughters of God and some day be
exalted and perfected even as he is ( 3nephi12:48)
Humble ourselves to God and to his representatives because his ways
are not ours and he is much greater than we (Isaiah 55:8-9 and Jacob
Alma 37:6-7..... By small and simple things the lord brings to pass
many great and marvelous things. D + C 123:16. What are some of the
simple things ? Faith repentance diligence scripture study, fast and prayer .
Okay spirit told I have GOT to do way more fasting than what I am . I
haven't fasted since last fast Sunday I'm pretty sure. And that is not
enough as a missionary especially.
we all have good wolfs and bad wolfs within us. The wolf that wins is
the one you feed . If you have doubt and you feed that doubt doubt
shall over come.  Or you can excessive faith, and faith wil overcome .
The only way to overcome bad wolfs is not to sick the other wolves on
it and attack because then you have an inner battle. The only way to
get rid of the evil wolves is to starve.
The lord doesn't want quantity he wants quality . D and c 4:5 - faith
hope charity and love with an eye single to the glory of God is what
makes us quality .
 1nephi 8:12- as soon as Lehi tasted of the fruit he desired his
family to partake because it was so good ! How badly do I want to give
to my very large eternal family after I have tasted of the fruit ?
1nephi9:6- God prepares away to do all his works among his children !
1nephi10:18-22- he who diligently seeketh finders . Everyone can fin
answers to the questions of life we just have to be willing to ask and
search for an answer. Exercise faith. God will always provide us with
personal revelation today as he did in times of old. He is the same
yesterday today and forever .

Your missionary,

Elder kristensen

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