Saturday, 27 June 2015

June 22, 2015- ELK GROVE HOT STOVE

Today was not P-day because of transfers so we had towork away and we had a ton of Lessons set up ! Elder D. and I were exhausted by the end of the day. We taught a seventh day Adventist pastor who has been doing it for 30 years ! that was fun ! ALSO  GOT  transfer calls..... Off to serve in Lao/meinh languages covering half the mission ! also covering Elk Grove park English ward.. thatll be fun !

Tuesday :
P-day filled with packing and goodbyes :( always hard!

Bro T. came to pick me up and take me to south sac ! so awesome I miss that guy ! so yup got into the area and got settled and off we went to start working. I had my first Lao meal. they eat with their hands. you take sticky rice and make like a little spoon with it and eat some super spicy stuff with it! we also called president and he told me to start learning Lao !

Thursday :
District Meetings ! we had a crazy district meeting. Elder P. started it off by giving a letter to us from the first presidency that said that they no longer were going to call young missionaries for missions and was going to be on volunteer base only . and we would be interviewed for continued service. The letter was FAKE but it was to get a point across as we all were given a lesson by the spirit that a mission does not lastthat long. you have got to make the best of it because it will not last forever and time flies.


Weekly planning... took forever !!

Saturday :
Still trying to learn the Language!  Just all around busy day and I, running out of time !

We  had church for literally almost all day starting at 7:30 and ended at 4 . then we ate dinner and started to get to know the area better. Then we had a zon e activity ! we met on the roof top of a members home and had a zone meeting. it was like a zone testimony meeting and then they brought ballons and told us to write all of our fears down on a sticky not then tie it to a balloon. then we let them go . Cool symbolism and a great way to start the transfer ill try to send a picture of it !

love you sorry for a quick one !

Elder Kristensen

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