Monday, 27 July 2015

July 20, 2015-711

Normal P-day !  We had a zone bbq though at Elk Grove Park.  that was a ton of fun. we played Beach volleyball and ate a ton of food! 
we had a lot of Lessons ! we needed to make them a little shorter but there is something to learn in everyday. First highlight, we went to a recent convert and wanted to visit her. had an amazing visit. then a nine year old came in and is a non member. got talking to her, and this girl is brilliant ! and she loves Jesus and she has been to church, and she loves it and we have to set up another appointment. so ya. Cool mini miraqcle that we got to meet this little girl. The recent convert nanees her. we also had an awesome contact with a young couple who were setting on their tail gate. Definition of PREPARED. we taught the restoration and they totally see the need for the restoration and why the gospel is here on the earth. so we are going to see when the next appointment will be . but it was a very solid contqact! we also taught the nicest athiest women ever ! It hurts to see someone not beleive in God. or know of his presence. there is just a peice of their life missing whether they see it or not. we tried to provide with just the oppertunity to be able to come to know of gods love and all she needed to do was pray and read scripture. she still refused. that is the saddest/ hardest part about missionary work. watching people deny something that will bless them for eternity. 
Had a sweet district meeting. We opened it up with Experiences of when God has been in our missions. so wee all had stuff to share. then we talked about the importance of courage. Ive come to the knowledge that courage doesnt come when you are in the moment that requires courage, but comes when you make the decision before you get into the situation. you have to commit yourself to what you will do right now before the trial comes. David made the decision before facing Goliath that He had faith that God would allow him to win. And once he was put into the situation he already knew. the courage came because his decision was already made. so thats what i learned, i need to make the decsion and commit myself every day to the lords work so when a hard day comes my mind is already made up on what ill do. we also went to go see a Less active. talked to both her kids instead who are unbaptized. both 15 and 12. We got on the topic of repentance and baptism and we asked them what that would mean and they said it would mean "freedom." Such a profound simple answer in one word. baptism is to be freed from anything negative in the world and allows us to use the atonement of christ.
Had a lesson with an Investigator(shes a little older ) and she is the sweetest lady in the world. Her daughter is a member and she is finally deciding to investigate the church and even get baptized ! she is so excited. had a great lesson. then she said the last time we were visiting here and this time, she said she felt like she already knew us. as if we had been very familiar to her.... hmmm. 

We weekly planned ! 

Totally open day... FINALLY. first day in weeks where we havent had meetings until 3:00 in the afternoon. so we spent the whole day contacting referrals we needed to contact. and i got to see some parts of sacramento i hadnt gotten to see before ! it was super cool! i love being in the asian work! culture is so much different. such a cool experience. 
we had an appointment with this Meinh lady. Super awesome discussion. then her daughter walked in and joined. And WOW. she is weirdly prepared to hear the gospel. Like completely. we didnt even know what to think after because she was so prepared. she has been looking for truth her whole life she said and she just hasnt known where to find it. she is unbeleivably spiritually intune. she pretty much read who we were as people based off of what animal we would choose to be. Elder P. said a lion. i said an elephant because itd be sweet being huge. then based off that she told us our personalities and in what areas we got along it was real cool ! but the point is she loves god. and we testified to her that we were sent by God to guide her to that truth that she has been searching . after our visit she said that god told her to go home when she did and she said as soon as she walked in and saw us she knew why god told her to go home. 
will let you know what happened. 
so our missions goal for baptisms i s 711 for this year. and because the mission split everyones faith in that goal kind of dwindled. but president promised that God has prepared more than 711 people for us to baptize this year. and since he promised that miracles have been happening and the prepared have been coming to us. its amazing.
Love you all church is true !,

Elder Kristensen

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