Monday, 27 July 2015

July 13, 2015-Sorry busy! Fast One!

Hello everyone ! sorry this has to be a quick one ! Its been kind of a terrible week when it comes to teaching people. its been super slow because of all of our meetings. we also spent alot of time on the ipads converting the area books into them. Barf. thats like hours of sitting inside and doing paper work. ill hit the highlights though. One of the members surprised us and bought us groceries this week.  i studied a real cool scripture. d and c 1 :19. talks about the weak things taken down the mighty and great one of the world. i always thought that the weak things of the world was satan taking down the strong members. but what i realized it that members of the church are the weak ones to the world because they are humble and willing to submit to the father. thatll always prevail strength to tthe things of the world. i went on an exchange with Elder O ! awesome exchange ! we played a YSA game in this big park. and we gave all the YSA people book of mormons and pamphlets and then sent them loose and we raided the park. the real next big thing is a guy got baptized this weekend !! crazy !! we just need 45 more meinh people in the church until they will recognize it as a language!! we have been teaching this guy for a while.... like 8 months ! it was crazy ill show a before and after picture of him. look at the difference in him!!! just glowing. and so happy. its amazing what this does. also president called like 15 mins before the baptism and said he was coming. SURPRISE> Elder R and i was giving the missionary moment too and hadnt prepared anything yet. so we prepared something real good right before ! it was awesome ! so ya President Jardine Came that was awesome !!! perfect. anyways it was a good week. just a ton of meetings and sitting inside . anyways love you ! 

Elder Kristensen

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