Tuesday, 28 April 2015

April 27, 2015 -COME UNTO CHRIST

here  it is monday:
Today i learned a lesson on obedience ! Obedience is not just obeying rules. obediences is following commandments out of love for the savior. we should want to obey because of what he has done for us. something you always have heard but you reallly got to take time to internalize it. john 14:15

Exchange with the zoneleaders. I was with Elder F. for the day and it started off amazing! He is such a good missionary filled with a bundle of knowledge! He offered  so much advice and i need it thats for sure. but we started off by seeing a lady named who we met in a complex. turns out she is a friend of a member in the ward and we had the oppertuinty to teach her. The spirit was SO strong. both Elder F. and i teaching with perfect unity and she was able to receive a preisthood blessing from us. annnnnnnnndd she says she wants to get baptized next month!!! what what. Lord is taking care of us thats for sure. another valuable lesson i learned was while teaching another investigator we focused so much on the issue that she wasnt getting an answer. then Elder F. just stopped and said " we Love you, keep doing what you are doing, you will get an answer." after which he quoted one of our prophets. he said " dont ever let a problem to be solved become bigger than a person to be loved." im going to carry that with me my whole life.

Pretty regular day. we taught R.  the Restoration and she still wants to be baptizeed! thats a bonus.

Today was the day that D.L., one of our  Investigators was getting baptized and it was sooo amazing! the day before he was aasking alot about what the "rush" felt like after you come up out of the water and we told him hed have to wait and see. We got to see him experience the "rush" and that was the most amazing thing ive ever seen. 
Exchange with Elder P. TOday was slow in their area but we did service for this guy who had a ton of cool stuf we got to help him go through and organize! they also had a baptism i was able to attend to tonight
We started the day early doing service in the river valley for a helping hands project. we spent time cleaning up garbage in the river calley and after they fed us hot dogs and cookies ! such a bonus. pretty much took up our morning! after which we had to weekly plan. which is never really exciting . but today was mostly preparation for the sabbath

Sunday :
okay here we go... big day . D.L. was confirmed a member of the church today . two amazing talks were given which were so good! very blunt about the ten commandments! He basically took the ten commandments and expanded on how they relate to other commandments . like how thou shalt not kill is related to the word of wisdom. We requested a gospel principles lesson today because we were suppose to have an investigator come but she had to leave after sacrament. but it was an unreal lesson on the spirit. dont have time to talk about it,... but just know hes real! but in the class, an investigator getting baptized that night bore her testimony without even knowing it. that was powerful and brought such a special spirit . thats right J. and two of her boys got baptized t !! that was amazing ! super spiritual. I love giving talks on the holy ghost ... i have so many experiences up my sleeves to use. like losing keys in the tissue box and praying to find them or losing the Lord of the Rings movie when i was young and i needed to find it.  ALso while biking we ran into this lady who moved into the area recently and she said that she was going to be baptizd in another area with her family  but they moved. so we will see what happens with that miracle!
Was quite a week. love you all ... love the Lord. Praise him forever!

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