Tuesday, 28 April 2015

April 13, 2015-The Real Life of a Missionary

Hello Everyone! prepare for a super lame week !
I forgot my journal plus This week was more of a building the area week!
So we challenged some more guys on the street to some ball.... and we won again. its all Elder J. though! That guy is a tank. We also met this girl who is the definition of PREPARED. Everything she said was perfect and she will be getting baptized the beginning of next month she even came to church this Sunday! 

So last week we biked towards this girl, took her dog pooh from her, and now have her on date. Super cool. There was also a huge rain storm today. And it was my first time biking in the pouring rain as a missionary... best / worst time ever!  we also got to teach Spanish people how to speak English as a service project. Good thing I don't know any Spanish. PSYCHE.

The Lord has seriously put us in the right time and place every hour of this day! Taught lots of Lessons. But numbers mean nothing when no baptisms happen so we are still working on that ! We were searching for a member to come teach with us tonight and couldn't find anyone until we just decided to ask the members who fed us to come with us ! They had never been with the missionaries before but turns out they were the PERFECT fellowshippers. Again the Lord is getting his work done the way he wants with the people he wants. We also taught this other guy who was drinking, but also very faithful to Jesus and so we showed him John 14 :15 where Christ says "if ye love me keep my commandments".. so he dumped his beer out right then and there. The scriptures are pretty powerful! 
Had to go on an exchange today Because Elder J. had a Leadership meeting for 7 hours so it was Elder B. and I's time to shine as a new golden companionship! We taught more Spanish people English today ! we Also got to go to a Super awesome couple with the coolest boys! 

Nothing special just a regular day!
We offered four hours of service building a fence for a guy down the street from the church in our proseltying clothes ! That was sweet. 
Fast sunday... never very fast. But super awesome testimonies. there was one testimony that stood out.  He said the first couples months into his mission he had one guy grab him and physically threatened him. This brave missionaries last wish was to at least bear his testimony of Jesus Christ and this restored church. At that point the spirit was so strong the man dropped his knife and the missionary ran off. sweet right ? but how often do we find satan at our own throats ? pretty mmuch everyday but the only way to shake him off is by our pure testimony and conversion !
Love yall,
Elder Kristensen

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