Tuesday, 28 April 2015

April 20, 2015 -EXICITING WEEK

Hello friends and family ! its been an interesting week. Here it is :
So i happen to be a little low on money but we went to buffalo wild wing today. I wondered how i was going to pay and get through the month but  half way through our dinner the waiter came up and said someone had paid our bill for us! that just shows how Loving the Lord is! I was being not responsible and  He still blessed me.
I moved my laundry into a basket and grabbed a snack i realized i lost my planner and that for sure i left it at their house. so we raced back to look and it wasnt there. We went back to the house we were just at and we were able to provide some scriptures .She recognized that we really were servants of the Lord because we showed up right when she needed us the most. Its amazing to see the Lord use us as ways to confirm to people there is a God. also my planner felll into the laundry basket.

We Contacted this lady and turns out shes been less active for her whole lofe then not two minutes later a man came running out of his house saying he was less active and hes been looking to contact the missionaries in the area forever. super cool. We also taught J. Who has a date for next week, and she wants her two kids to be baptized too!
We had zone conference ! super good. mostly a repentance call  on keeping record updated and working on keeping our relationship with the ward well! we also got news that in the next 6 weeks we are getting IPADS. what up! we also got tiwis in our cars... its like a cop that sits in the front window. 
Went on an exchange with Eldr F..
The B's got baptized!!! Its the family i had the blessing to teach! So awesome to go back to Ione and see everyone and especially get to see them baptized They have overcome so many trials ! love that . The Atonement is real!
Today we thought just started to fall apart. we had an investigator with a date drop us and a baptismal interview cancelled and so many appointments fall through. but then in the end everything turned out. we were able to give a blessing J. after she said that she just had a complete warmth come over her and light chills ... so awesome when people recognize the spirit. The strength of the spirit and the priesthood is legit. 
Also Look at the word JOY. The J stands for jesus and the Y stands for you. and the only thing that keeps you between jesus is O which is Obedience. 
Love you all 

Elder KRistensen

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