Tuesday, 5 May 2015

May 4, 2015-Mormon Moments

Normal Pday... except in the morning . down the street from the apartments about a mile away was a shooter gone wild! so that made things exciting. VERY. Its a crazy world out there. We also taught one of our investigators. She has been taught everything. Knows its all true ... but still waiting on a definte answer from God ! Shes soooooo close ! and now her daughter wants to get baptized too! also cool, elder J. and i get the exact same promptings to talk to certain people.We just look at each other when we see them and we act. super legit. 

Long day, but here it goes! started with service for a member doing some yard work.  We also got a call from a guy we apparently contacted a while ago. but he wanted us to meet in a park so we could talk. so Clearly we were excited and expectted something awesome to happen.... turns out that he wanted to show us his Gospel rap that he has made with his pastor. It was pretty good though ! We also had a lesson with R. who likes to magnify her calling when it comes to her homework... like WOW. She did all the work in the pamphlet and all three reading assignments we gave her. pretty impressive ! We got to talk to a recent convert. She shared with us her first "mormon moment."so amazing, i wont go into details but essentially someone tried bashing the church and she became a defender of the faith and kindly told someone to stop and bore her testimony. super cool.   taught some english to spanish people today.

So the highlight of today was that last sunday A part member family had a great experience. We gave them a Book of Mormon. We prayed flipped open a page and gave it to him to read.We followed up. and wow!! its crazy ! He is now praying about a baptismal date! the scripture he read wwas Jacob 4:10. 

 Taught R. again and this time she had her homework hanging up on the wall on sheets and sheets of paper! this girl is ready for baptism! we also got to teach more English but today to show their appreciation, all the spanish people made us an authentic Mexican pot luck! 

I cannot beleive how hot it gets here! i dont know what it is in celsuis but it was 94 f here all week. crazy.  we did a service project for a big chunk of he day washing tables! our apartment doesnt have any air conditioning so we were sleeping in an apartment that was 85 degres hot ! that was crazy 

ZONE TRAINING. Amazing training. The thing i pulled out of it the most is using silence in teaching appointments! its so important ! Gotta give space for the spirit to speak ! also if i dont plan and seek revelation for every visit, then they are only visits !  w

e went to one part of our area today that we dont usually go to often because you have to take a car to get there but when we got there the first person we talked to was the reason why we went. she was having such a rough day and needed a some spiritual strength. immediatly she recognized us as servant of the lord.
Sunday :
What a blessed day. We had soooo many inestigators cme to church ! Plus an investigator came and even went to Gospel Principles and gave a beautiful defintion of why we fast. He said something like fasting is away to nourish our spiritual body by having it overcome our physical body. we can learn a mini lesson every fast sunday of what it takes to overcome the natural man. Ummm we also had dinner at an awesome members house who told so many amazing spiritual stories .

Anyways i love you all. This gospel is true. there is nothing more important in this life than coming unto our savior Jesus Christ, tasting of its fruits and sharing it with others. Read and pray everyday for that spiritual reharge and seek out the spirit always. 
Elder Kristensen

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