Monday, 26 October 2015

October 26, 2015-Trunk or Treat

Alright family  it's been an incredible week ! I'll give you the low
down. It was transfers so that made things particularly interesting !
Monday we had a transfer meeting where I went with elder h. He has
been transferred to north highlands in north sacramento . The area
right next to foothills ward. Great area ! He'll come away with a lot
of interesting stories. And because my companion doesn't come in until
Wednesday I have a temporary companion. Elder g. Elder g
started his missionary life in Lodi while I was in ione . So I've been
serving with and around him for a long time ! I love elder g! He
also will be living with me and his two new trainees. It was hard
trying to work with a temporary companion. We didn't really know what
to do and it was 8:30 pm and almost called it quiets  because we were
just lost as to what to do. But we figured that there was everything
we had to do ! So we just decided to pray and knock doors somewhere.
In 3 doors we found 2 new investigators, and not just any
investigators but Spanish investigators ! Again , the lord blessed you
for just saying " let's go a little farther ."
Tuesday was a pretty regular p-day except that we had a Spanish dinner
with a member right below the recent convert v who has been
baptized for about two weeks. By the way she is doing insanely
awesome!! Every time we go over there she has at least one scripture
marked and ready to share with us! She always carries her Book of
Mormon with her to read when ever she can. Anyways I love Mexican
food. I ate like 15 corn tortillas. Something is wrong with me.

On Wednesday we got our new companions straight out of the Mtc ! My
new companion is elder H from Washington! He is awesome. It
was cool. I swear the spirit told me who my companion was going to be
. When i saw all  of the new missionaries come in I shook his hand and
I knew that it would be him. I knew it ! It was kind of like the same
thing as when I got my trainer. We get along well, we listen to the
same music and everything. His first couple days in the mission have
been incredibly busy !! His first day we had lots of appointments to
get to. Great way to start. My first day was a little less exciting
because we spent our days driving to and from ione and Lodi
Thursday we had district meeting . Not anything to special ! Had an
appointment with the family that showed up to church. We hadn't seen
them in weeks so we were getting worried. Turns out all is well and
they are back on track ! We also correlated with our awesome ward
mission leader brother G !
Friday was a busy day filled with weekly planning and a leadership
meeting with appointments here and there. Again non-stop work with
elder H!

Saturday we did lots of service including mowing the lawn for brother
m and getting a health lesson. He's really actually smart and he
always has something to teach us when we are there.  We also helped
moved a 1000 pound grand piano with 5 different elders. It's like a
square grand piano that is 120 years old. Apparently it's the type of
piano Beethoven would play. There was also a trunk or treat for the
stake. I don't think I have seen that big of stake event in my entire
life before !! And there was SO many non members. We all went as
missionaries. It was incredibly fun. I don't think I've had that much
fun in a while ! So many friends and family there that I love ! Plus
we got to take over for president J and hand out some candy !
Saw V there who brought her family and neighbors !
Sunday was awesome because it was the primary program so that is
always something special !! Everyone says it's the highlight of the
year. Which I can agree with. The children are the most pure people
there are so the spirit comes off so much stronger . We also had the
E (the family that showed up to church ) family and C come
to church to catch the same spirit. We also had great classes so that
added to the spirit of the sabbath. Just overall awesome .

It was a great week.  I am so happy to be staying in this area at
least another 3 months! I love the people and the investigators and
members I serve ! I know the gospel is true. I know faith in Jesus
Christ is the most important thing we can have ! I studied a lot out
of alma 32 this week. EVERYONE STUDY IT.  The words on those pages if
studied carefully will renew your faith. I have received some deep
enlightenment on how my faith can be increased through simple belief
and just a desire to believe. That's all you need. If you want to know
what's true and if God really is there and if Jesus Christ really is
the savior of the world. All you need is a desire and a willingness to
experiment on gods word. You will find.

All my love ,

Elder kristensen

massive mario maze that members set up out of cardboard for the trunk or treat. way cool. 
and non other than manny M doing his thing with a puppet and a harmonica ! 

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