Monday, 26 October 2015

October 19, 2015-Welcome to the 916

dear family ( and friends even though you are still family ), its been a splendid week here in the "916"

i hope that all you got my email last week , and sorry about the previous week.. i had a little miff with a busy preparation day. oh i also have to apologize for today . its transfer week here so prep day is today ! ill come around to transfers! 

so first off i went on an exchange with Elder S who was transferred in around the same time i was back in LODI zone almost a year ago. that was the first exchange ive done in 3 months. and thank goodness for it because it was a ton of fun ! the biggest thing i learned from that exchange is to remember to laugh! life and the work of salvation is meant to be joyful. Make jokes and be positive. "come what may and love it" neal a maxwell once said. it was just a good reminder of the Joy that missionary can truly bring. sometimes satan just likes to cloud your mind with the negatives. THERE IS SO MUCH GOOD !  we also went college contacting at SAC STATE . i have never been surrounded by so many people my age and of the opposite sex my whole mission. slightly overwhelming. 

Elder H and i a couple weeks ago helped this newly wed couple moveinto our apartment complex one night because he almost broke his foot and couldnt walk. they still had big dressers and things to take in so we helped out! it was awesome. they said thanks and we were on our way and every so often wed see them and say hello annd things but not much more than that but they would always thank us. then after a long hard hot day of biking with elder Hafen we came home to a necklace on our door step with a note that said "thanks for help moving the dresser from T and J a @ 70 . a heirloom for luck, and blessing from god !" it was a necklace with the mother mary on it. i couldnt believe it. i was filled with what the scriptures would say "exceedingly great joy." 
what a blessing that something so simple could mean so much. especially with the day that we had.  we felt we had to do something back. we didnt know what to give. 
so we decided to give the thing that meant the most to us... the Restored gospel of Jesus Christ. so we wrote our testimonies in the book of mormon and wrote down the scriptures that meant the most to us. and told them if they are EVER having a bad day or need something more than what the world is offering them- just to open the book and start reading anywhere and they will receive the help or the thing they need. 
Tender mercy :
we decided to go out for dinner for elder H and i last chance . so we went to beach hut deli. best sandwich shop. and a byu foot ball game was on so that was lucky. had to really fight to keep my head at the table.
so church was awesome ! V is an incredible new member ! she is willing to do anything to get to church. i also gained a new appreciation for mothers because we sat with her and tried entertaining a 2 and a 4 year old. WHAT ?! how do you mothers do it ! especially if your husband had to sit up on the stand to fulfill his church calling. my hats are off to you. and shout out to my mother Care-bear because she had 5 children to deal with . i will never doubt the sacred calling of a mother again. we spent most of that day cleaning top move apartments because of TRANSFERS.

Thats right ! transfer calls ! it happened ! Elder H is being transfered out ! totally not expected and i am training for the second time in a row ! what ?! they didnt think i did a good enough job so they are giving me a chance to repent ! hahaha and im moving apartments AGAIN back to the apartments i was in a transfer ago hahah im tired of moving . but i love this apartment ! its weird to be back ! looking forward to a another 3 months  here ! 

love you all 
Elder Kristensen

okay so if any of you know me and my car, i had the "guardian angels" (pokemon) who sat in the dash of my ford escort. they were with me in my car accident and they always looked after me haha so when i left they stayed in my car and my sister inherited them . then they became traveling guardian angels and they went everywhere with my sister and she would take pictures with them in different places . and send them to me. then i got a package the other day with the traveliong guardian angels to carry with me and take pictures now! they stay in my bag at all times. 
this other one is elder H and i's companionship tie. again sent by my sister . 
also elder B  
. i love this missionary. he is going home for the second time because of injuries on the mission. pray that he will heal up and get back to the feild ASAP

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