Tuesday, 2 June 2015

May 25, 2015- A Quick One

Okay so im running out of time but Ill just lay out some of the highlights this week. There was a ton of emergency transfers in the mission and now my whole zone is pretty much brand new ! it is insane! So with that has come all kinds of different challenges. But thats just it, that the Lord does the work here, not us. it doesn't matter who is here or how new the zone is . 10 hours of my hardest work would mean nothing without the Saviour. without him work wouldn't get done . I'm so grateful for that; we are only instruments ! I read something amazing in the Book of Mormon today in 1 Nephi 17. Nephi is constructing the ship to come to the promise land. And paraphrasing the Lord basically tells him, "After you have reached the promise land will you know that I, the Lord, am God." It is after the trial and after the adventure that we see Gods hand guiding and directing us. We will see the promise land and we will know the divinity of Jesus Christ. Our savior. He did die for us. He made it so we can grow and change in this life so we can progress eternally to become who he knows we can become. But that only comes as we humble ourselves, and go to the Lord in Help. Every prayer is answered. The Lord is present in our lives we just have to be the ones to seek him out. He makes us be apart of hard things so we can grow and overcome the world as He did and over come the Natural man, who is an enemy to God. A mission is amazing. I have loved every minute so far. I would not trade this experience for anything in the World. It feels amazing to be apart of the noblest 18-26 year kids in the world. this is Christ's church. Truth was restored through Joseph Smith. I love my Savior and redeemer. 
Your missionary, 

Elder Kristensen

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