Tuesday, 2 June 2015

June 1, 2015- IPADS

Lots of stuff this week!!
Monday :
Not much happened! regular P-day! Except it was memorial day so everything was closed. Awesome right ?
We received a legit Training on Ipads. yup thats right you heard it. Ipads are coming soon to the sacramento California mission. But not To modesto. so there were a lot of mixed feelings being in that training knowing that 1/5th of us will not be getting Ipads. It was awesome because the training wasnt so much on how to use the device, but rather how we can better become disciples of Jesus Christ. Elder Evans from the seventy came and gave the training. One of the things he said was " the Lord has never Loved a generation as much as this one." thats kind of cool. The Ipads are Really for us to help others come unto to christ but is also there to prepare us for the future. so rather than running away from Technology, we should learn how to use it properly and prepare for when we are home. He gave a cool analogy and put President Jardine and his wife on the spot. He held up a pen and asked if  she had ever used one to write President Jardine on his mission. She said yes. then He asked President If it ever was a distraction. President said YES. Pretty comical. the point is that the pencil and pen has been just as destructive and just as distractive as any technology. its just a matter of how we use it. Also super cool. Elder Evans was in Japan for like 12 years or something like that and got to know Elder D's Dad fairly well. So we talked to him and took a picture before the meeting. it was pretty awesome.
Exchanges with Elder G! So not to much was Exciting. Except for Elder G is in Hmong work. That Language is CRAZY. i gotta learn how to speak it. It was kinda boring not understanding it though. makes it difficult .
District meeting. Talked about the importance of members . And From the baptisms ive been apart of , most of them are becaseu of members. Just a testimony to me of how important they really are ! we also served at a fruit market. got a bunch of fresh fruit from it ! best thing ! 

cool mini miracle... there was this guy we biked passed the other day that we had the spiritual prompting to go talk to but for whatever reason blew it off. But then today the same guy was put in our path. turns out the Lord really wants us to talk to him. He used to live in Utah and his boss was LDS and LOVES the church. He even almost got baptized. and now he wants to meet with us. so Ill keep you updated on that !

Interveiws with President Jardine. This guy is ALL inspiration. He had a scripture that he showed me in the doctrine and covenants where it talked about the whole armor of God. and it lists it off. and then asked me if there was any "back plate" listed. and of course it doesnt. and thats because what he said was the battle is infront of us not behind. that that was cool. also saw a wild peacock. thats weird. 

All around good sunday. Thought forsure that we werent going to make our weekly goals this week. but then all of a sudden the Lord took over. in a matter of an hour and a half we taught 6 Lessons and added 3 new investigators. ya. We do not do the work here. 

It was an awesome week ! im happy and healthy and heres a bbunch of pictures!!  

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