Tuesday, 19 May 2015

May 18, 2015-Another Week in Paradise!

So this week i dont know if ive ever been this tired before ! getting out of bed has been HARD.

Monday :
Pretty regular p-day... Except no sports for us because Elder Do. cant on his ankle and my hands were still a little messy. i finally watched ""meet the Mormons "for the first time! not too bad of a film, and out of the 6 movies i can watch its gotta be one of my favorites ! 

did missionary work!  we gave a couple of priesthood blessings. today was kind of an off day! One of our investigators was struggling with knowing the truth and started to think of dropping us. its amazing how the biggest sorrow you feel out here is for your investigators that satan desires to take away. But the Atonement works for that also!

Today we provided service for a member laying some terf. Yup cali is in such a drought everyone is converting to terf ! We also got to teach B. who was given a priesthood blessing last week. He described how that feeling he got receiving the blessing carried on for the next 4 days. and his mind has been clear and he has gained a bigger perspective especially with learning the plan of salvation.  He talked about wanting that spirit that he felt back again as soon as possible!

District meeting today! i learned a ffew new things, like the secret to being a progressing missionary! and that is to ALWAYS  try new things. also we got a flat on the way there and Elder B. changed a tire in 4minutes flat. 

Did Service again! we painted this porch thing white ! and got paint every where! we weekly planned and also had dinner with a sister in our ward who is dating a non member ! He's very spanish so hes a little hard to teach but he wants to be baptized ! so we will see how he will progress ! 

we helped some people move in. then on our way home there was this Old lady who was walking but looked like she was ready to pass out. so we stopped to talk to her to see iff she needed help and she said YES. we got off our bikes and walked her to her destination. She was so grateful !! it was amazing . The spanish guy wanting to be baptized came to a baptism with us also ! 

Sunday :
yesterday was the sabbath. always awesome! we taught R. again and we spent sometime adventuring in part of our area that we dont really know !

I love the Gospel. its amazing. ive noticed everyday how much more i can see the Holy Ghost prompt me in my life. look into how to seek it out better! 

sorry no pictures ! 

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