Tuesday, 12 May 2015

May 12, 2015- TRANSFERS

Today marks the third day that i ate macdonalds. Ummm we had a dinner with an awesome family ! Reminds me alot of my own. we played Spoons, which i hope you all know.. and if you dont LEARN . so much fun.. i havent done that in ages. WE GOT TRANSFER CALLS. Elder J. is going to the Office and Elder D. is coming into the area! Elder D. is An awesome missionary. He's been out on his mission for a year and he is from Japan. Yup i have an asian companion and he is honestly such a great guy! we get along great!
So this is P-day. Elder J. woke up early barfing so i had to help him with that. 
No idea what it was. there is also a guy that stands on the corner with this massive sign that says Jesus on it with his bike. 
Anyways he also had his kid with him this time. We didnt see but came right after but his kid was ran over by a car so Elder J. and i pulled over and dove right in to helping them . J. and I both have a little first aid training so we were there helping and trying to get people to chill out until the ambulance arrived. that was exciting. 

Transfers. i met Elder D. and we got right to work. That guys english is amazing! We taught a bit. Also gave a blessing to this investigator. Just immediatly reconfirmed to me the reality of the Priesthood. Especially because of the spirit that investigator felt .  It was completely unreal. Priesthood is real. 
Today we fasted with  one of our investigators. so we are hoping something is going to happen. It was mostly just a regular day! We taught more english to spanish people which is always a joy ! 

Weekly planning ! We went to some sort of Medical home that this guy wanted us to go to and see some people . We met this guy who is a fijian ! this guy is amazing and has an amazing testimony of Jesus Christ . This guy has quite the life.
Today There was a few things that happened but ELder D. got to skype his family because of the time difference . But i guess the biggest thing that happened was i ate it so bad on my bike. ill send a picture to you  ... super embarrassing and blood everywhere.
Sunday :
Love ya mommy. seriously you are the best.  Proverbs 31:10-31 describes my mother. 
it was so awesome to talk to my family i miss all of them ! It was wonderful to see them. and i am glad to report my family has not changed, still as strange as ever. 
Love you all ! 

Elder KRistensen

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