Tuesday, 2 December 2014

December 1, 2014

3 Days in Zion!

Alright a lot has happened since thursday! starting with thursday night
where i rolled my ankle playing basketball so bad i couldnt walk ! (good
thing im in a driving area). that kinda sucked. Next awesome part about
friday was we had an appointment with a man called R. His wife is a
member and has talked to lots of missionaries except this time when we
talked to him one of the first things he said to us was "sorry im barfing
right now but i want to get baptized so I'll see ya as soon as possible !"
so wether he actually does get baptized or not ill let you guys know. 

On saturday we were supposed to meet with an A. and T. A young
married couple that were tracted into by the missionaries before us. But
then T got into a motorcycle accident which opened his stomach up. we
were supposed to meet them saturday but they werent home so we left a card
with our number on it. then on sunday for whatever reason i felt as though
we needed to go by there again today. When we got there we were invited to
give him a blessing of healing because he still was in major recovery mode.
They had no idea what it entitled. but after the anointing and blessing was
done and asked him how it went the only thing he said was "as soon as I had
oil placed on my head and you first started praying i had the weirdest
feeling come over me. it wasnt a bad weird but a good weird." and at that
point elder simms and i both knew the spirit has touched his soul. after
which they started asking question and we ended up in an hour and a half
conversation about the plan of salvation that God has given to us . They are
super interested and something good will probably come from it :) ill keep
you updated on them too. it was just awesome to hear about their story and
how the Lord prepares people to hear his gospel. also my companion and i
gave talks on sunday !!! YAY. 

I'm out of time so ill talk to all of you later ! 

sincerely ,

Elder Kristensen

PS i forgot my camera so Ill send some next week!!

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