Tuesday, 9 December 2014

December 8, 2014

Alright ! family and friends ! Another week has gone by. WHATS GOING ON!
time flys when youre having fun! So i guess I'll start with the beginning of
my week. Monday:

So it was P-day and a very unsuccessful one at that. Near Ione is Jackson
where they have all the Family history computers soo we desired to go and
write home there so we didnt have to take turns. But according to our Luck
of course the internet wasnt working. we wasted about 2 hours trying to
figure it out. So we rushed to find somewhere else to write. later we found
a memebers house where we all had to Take turns. While Elder R. and Elder
N. were writing Elder Simms and I went tracting in the area to
hopefully get some success. Our Goal was to get at least 5 "no's." Lo and
Behold we got 8! Miracles Do happen ! But really miracles do. I'll talk
about that later. We also had dinner at member's home. These members have
an enormous home on top of a hill with like 50 childern. Super cool family who sounds dangerously close to my own. 


This day the work of the Lord moved forward! we met J. He is the son to
our dinner calender sister. He is quite rough around the edges. But honestly one of the
nicest people and kind heart I've ever met. We
also shared a message about Personal Revelation with a family.
Basically what came out of that is  IF YOU DONT CARE TO WRITE PERSONAL

There is a state prison down the street which accounts for 4000 of Iones 7000 people living here. 


We met with J. again this day and actually got to know him. He's met with
missionaries before but hated being pressured so we just became his friend.
We also ate dinner at the a member's House( another member of the 5o children family).
There we taught a lesson to K. who brought her boyfriend along


ASSISTANT TO PRESIDENT EXCHANGES. First AP exchange I've ever done. Also
probably the most helpful thing that has happened so far. There is an
unwritten law of exchanges that states that you will always have the most
success in that two hours with the AP then you will ever. In a matter of an
hour and a half we taught 4 lessons and got 2 refferals. Also Elder G. ,
the AP, is amazing and so bold. Some day I'll be a missionary like him.


First Zone Training! YAY. i finally got to meet my zone for the first time
since I've been in Ione. The thing about being in the Hills is that we are
extremely isolated. From everything. There's 3 companionships in the Hills
so we are kind of a Zone of our own. So the deal with zone training was we
got a brand new Mission Vision. Our old vision was based off numbers and
baptisms. The New vision still has some numbers but only to raise our
vision. Our Vision now is souly focused on the 100% conversion of our
investigators and also the conversion of our selves. In the last 5 weeks i
can say im more truly becoming converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm
seeing the way it changes others lives hugly as well as my own life. The
Lord Truly Blesses everyone and is always looking out for us. and i wish
everyone Could see that. It kills me everytime someone shuts the door in my
face because every person we talk to is a son and daughter of our Heavenly
Father whom he loves. It crushes me now that I have a greater understanding
the purpose of life and why are hear. The great message that missionaries
share isnt about just trying to get people to convert. We first help people
the way Christ would. Thats why we wear his name on our chests. We are all
disciples of Jesus Christ and its our job to help people bring salvation to
their souls but also bring them joy in this temporal life. One of our
Commision say states that we "stand it Christs place, act the way He would
act and say the things He would say." Anyways sorry bit of a tangent.


this day was awesome. I read in 2 Nephi 28-33. awesome chapters. If you dont
know them.. READ THEM. we got to do some service to day for a Brother
who is quite the lovely old man with a Garden the size of my back yard. we
got to harvest all the fruits from his plants and even gave us some homemade
grape juice. which reminds me of my home made apple juice. SEND ME SOME. We
also added two new investigators today. M. was the first. He's 13 and goes
to boy scouts at the church ( which by the way there are more non member boy
scouts in there than members). The next is R. We received a referral for
a lady named B. We knocked on the door and she was kind of interested
but R.was one of her friends who happened to be there who was completely
intrigued by the Gospel so that was awesome.


Fast sunday. Never seems to go by very fast. But none the less was awesome.
We ate at another member's house for dinner and we ate the classic breakfast for
dinner. Later watched the Christmas devotional at their house ! so Awesome!
the Music was gorgeous!! 

That was my week in a nut shell. The Lord is preparing people. We have to
expect miracles when it comes to missionary work because it's the Lords
work. The only person hindering miracles is ourselves

See yall later!

Elder Kristensen

Companions <3

 Elder R. and my companion Elder S.
My gross rolled ankle

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