Monday, 20 June 2016

May 30, 2016-Paradise City

This week was awesome ! I was super sick ! So not so awesome hahah 
It was transfer week which is a little wild. Wednesday I was super sick. I couldn't get out of better. So I went on a little exchange with the zoneleaders so Elder Y could go and teach our super important lesson with a family that we have been teaching. They have , by the way, accepted a conditional baptismal date for June 25. It all depends on when Heavenly Father tells them the Book of Mormon is true.  But they are very sincere about finding an answer so with a little prayer and reading , they will come to know that it is true!  But Wednesday I chose to drink NyQuil in the hopes that I could sleep off my sickness for 6 hours so I could attend a stake meeting. Well only 2 hours into my NyQuil knock out I was awoken by our mighty leader elder M who has said some things came up and we were needed.  If any of you have taken NyQuil before, you know it puts you down for a couple hours. I have never been more groggy in my life. Trying to teach a lesson with that was just bad.  But the testimony was still there. Then one thing lead to another and I ended up working the rest of the day. It was kind of funny. So I battled that all week. 
But If anything I wasn't to tell you all how much I love all of you ! The support I have received from everyone has been amazing ! THANK YOU
This week I have gained just a greater appreciation for the savior . Without him and his gospel life just wouldn't make any sense ! I am eternally grateful for the direction I have been given in my life by His teachings. 
While role playing elder y and I received revelation . We so commonly use the Book of Mormon as the evidence of the restoration. So often we Highlight the fact that it is proof that Joseph is a prophet. Which is true. BUT we realized that we had not been talking enough about the fact that the Book of Mormon has teachings and lessons that will improve life and will even change your life to be so much happier and enriched. We didn't talk as much about the sacred content of the book.  so we have changed to have a balance !This idea has changed us using the Book of Mormon . 
I testify that the Book of Mormon contains principles and lessons that, if followed , will make your life better. It has the power to bless your life if you let it .
Elder KRistensen
Welcome to "DEL PASO HEIGHTS "

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