Tuesday, 21 June 2016

June 20, 2016-Tributes

Sorry family I am super put of time. Thank you for everyone's emails though :) 
But I do need to apologize for my neglect in mentioning a few things. 
First off . June 7 was makinna's birthday. I do want to wish her a very happy birthday and for being the most wonderful sister (only sister ) I've ever had ! During my teenage years I'm pretty sure we were always at each other's throats, but if it ever came to anyone hating on me she was always there to back me up. Kinna has been the source of so much of my fun and joy that I've experienced in my life. I have felt her support by her words and also her prayers while I have served. Thank you makinna. I love you. I don't love it when you play the three same songs on the piano at 9 am on a Saturdaymorning though ;) i am eternally grateful for choice to keep covenants and make covenants that will bind our family and your future family for eternity. 
Also to my wonderful grandma kristensen ! Her birthday was June 12 ! I am grateful for her example and faith as she raised a righteous family. She has always been a firm defender of the faith and that was passed on to my dad and in return to me. It's a legacy of faith ! Plus she writes me a handwritten letter every week... That's amazing ! Thank you grandma. 
I must express gratitude to my father as well during this weekend of reflection on the sacred role of a father. My father has fulfilled that role as a worthy priesthood leader within the walls of his home. He has lead his family to find happiness and joy and I know that it has been through the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I am grateful for my father and the example he sets not only to his sons but everyone in his realm of influence. He emanates a disciple of Christ. I could go on forever about my dad. But I know that Heavenly Father knew the exact earthly family I needed to find joy. 
I love my family. All of them ! 
The gospel is true. Jesus Christ is the son of the living God ! And Joseph smith is, undoubtedly a prophet of the lord in these last days. 
Have a good week ! 
Elder kristensen 
2 elder y and I dominated a cookie contest in our zone. All thanks to brother u .  Ours is the middle in the cast iron pan .

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