Tuesday, 4 August 2015

August 3, 2015- SAC TOWN

alright i gotta go fast again. 
Monday :
So the mission does transfers a little bit differently. so we do a transfer meeting now where we meet at the mission office and its a big surprise who your companion will be and your area. so i found that out. and a couple of crazy things happened there. First was i saw elder D. my previous companion. i love that guy so much. he Honestly is one of my best friends. He also gave me long awaited chop sticks that his mom sent from japan :) he is still in foothills ward. other crazy thing is that i saw elder B!! and now he is sitting at home back in Edmonton. thats crazy. third thing that happened was One of the best members from the foothills ward just moved into the Ward im in right now. HOW CRAZY IS THAT. i love that family so much , blew my mind.
Tuesday was P-day. I was placed with ELder P as we waiting for our companions to come in from the mtc. we had a busy pday preparing the apartment and buying groceries for our brand new companions. we live together (4 of us in an apartment like Ione). so thats always a blast.  super busy day
Wednesday :
We got our new companions! i got Elder H from Richfeild Utah. This guy is awesome ! he is suoer excited. i love being with a new missionary. it reminds me of so many of the good things that we do as missionaries and reminds me of how important the little things are . Its been super hot here. biking has been insane in it . but worth it . there are some amazing members in this ward and im so glad i get to be here with them. 
had my first district meeting ever... that was interesting ! it wet pretty well i think ! tried really hard to establish that family like relationship in the district. again just another day of biking in the heat!

Another busy day of working and seeing people. weekly planning and contacting. 
At our dinner appointment we started an hour late . so we had a two hour dinner appointment. woops. but it was for good reason. because right before we started we looked out the back window and saw a dog mauling some chickens and the chickens were scattering so we had to chase a dog away and trrack some chickens! 
First day in mission oak ward. went really well. that chapel is gorgeous ! we basically had meetings all day and studies. 

Ive been studying alot lately of the the things that the Lord ENtrusts us with. and wow its a lot. And i read  a scripture in doctrine and covenants 12:8 this morning that just changed things a little bit for me. i suggest you all read it. but essentially what it says to assist in the  Lords work you have to be full of love , have faith , hope and charity, and be temperate in all things the Lord has entrusted us with. I feel i like in all those aspects. but all are necessary and kind of a task for a life time. but i just want to testify of how important real pure true love is for the childern of our heavenly father. Its everything. You have to Love. and not just love out of selfish desires. that is when we change. thats when we become more as the savior. Only through the Atonement of christ can we accomplish these things. 
Love you all, church is true and the book is blue,
ELder Kristensen

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