Thursday, 21 January 2016

January 18, 2016-Here is the Low Down

Sorry family and friends for the lack of emails the last couple of weeks. It's been incredibly busy and non stop moving so I will give you the low Down. 
So yes last week I said good bye to mission oak ward. And yes that was heartbreaking there was a lot of amazing people o had to say good bye to that I hold very near to my heart. When you stay 6 months In one area who would have thought you could get attached to the people?  I definitely have gained a testimony of loving those that you serve. When you love those you serve eternal bonds are made, and friendships developed. Strangers become family. It's kind of strange. But also amazing.    
But I've been transferred back into the north sacramento stake in the natomas 3rd ward. I served in north stake back in foothills ward 8 months ago. My new companion is elder T from Hawaii. And I absolutely love him. He is one of the most amazing men I have ever met. Elder T has been through so much to get to where he is at today. And I admire and honor him for it. He knows what faith really is. He is a great example to me. Plus he knows how to work. So we are looking forward to some great baptisms here. This area has so many just waiting to happen with just a few little bumps in the road to get there. So wish us luck.  I am still very happy to be where I am at. I am serving as a district leader also. 
This week has been kind of an unsettled one as we have been pretty much homeless. The apartment had a ton of mold in it so the mission booted us out while management fixed the problem so we have been couch surfing and staying at others missionaries apartments. All my stuff is getting separated.... Grrreeeeaaat! It has been quite the adventure. We have a ton of Tongans in the area and they love to feed the missionaries. It's been fantastic. I love the Polynesians culture. Especially now that one of them is my companion. I now know what it's like to be a minority.  Our area is massive and my legs are going to get huge, this time we do have a convince car though. That's a blessing . Especially because we have quite a few investigators spread out.   We are being blessed left right and center . Heavenly Father has taken care of us all week as we have strived to serve him with all our might  heart mind and strength. It will be an awesome transfer.  I love the work that we are doing in this area. I love my Heavenly Father. 
We had a good talk with president about the atonement and the love that Heavenly Father has for each of us. Wow. Slowly but surely I am awakening to what Heavenly Fathers love truly is. And how his gospel truly is the good news. This message bring exaltation and I know that it's true . All of it. It has to be . And I know because of the witness of the spirit that it is true.  

Have a wonderful week family. I love you all. 

If any of you know paintings, this is funny. 
Elder kristensen 
yup. Good bye elder L You happy Tongan. 

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