Tuesday, 18 November 2014

November 18, 2014

Here's the latest from Elder Kristensen! He is on his way!

sooooooooooooo i dont actually have my journal with me so i cant give
specifics for this week but a couple of cool things happened regarding
missionary work and the spirit that happened between my companion and i.
something ive tried really hard to do this week is ask inspired questions.
really look and seek for the questions the spirit would have me ask my
investigator to have them do some real soul searching.

my investigators were T and M. which by the way BOTH committed to
baptism before the end of the month. (both investigators were fake but were
real people from peoples missions). but anyways i might as well just talk
about today real quick.... i landed in Sacramento California which is
AWESOME. yes it is warm and yes im tooooooo hot. but ill get over it !
because im about to do the lords work and im terribly excited .

so i did my first bit of missionary work today. from salt lake city to

i sat next to a guy on an air plane. .. talked the WHOOLLEEE TWO HOURS. so i
shared the pass along cards with him and left him at that. crazy. the lords
work is awesome.

im glad to be out of the MTC... it was like a spiritual prison. Literally .
plus the food has never made me feel worse but the spirit there is soooo
strong.!!! ill let you know more on the next pday when i have my journal and
more time !

for now,

Elder Kristensen

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